Welcome Prof.Shaobin Dai from Wuhan University of Technology, China to be TPC!

Prof.Shaobin Dai, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Brief introduction of research experience:
1. Dean of the designing institute of Wuhan University of Technology.
2. Member of steel structure committee of civil engineering and architecture society in Wuhan.
3. Member of the editorial board of world earthquake engineering.
4. Published more than 40 papers, including 20 papers accepted by three international indexes.
5. Hosted the project supported by nation in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan: the integration and demonstration of the key technology on the low cost and low energy consumption of building energy saving during 2011.01-2015.12.
6. Hosted the major scientific and technological innovation project in Hubei province: the technicalization and industrialization of phosphogypsum in low-cost, large-scale resource effective use during 2014.05-2017.04.
7. Hosted the high and new technology industry technology innovation team project in Wuhan: the research for integration key technologies on new high performance insulation building palisade materials during 2014.02-2015.12.
8. Hosted the scientific and technological project supported by committee of municipal and rural construction in Wuhan: the research for the matching techniques of the new building palisade structure system with low cost of low energy consumption during 2012.01-2014.12.
9. Involved in the project supported by “the fundamental research funds for the central universities”: the constitutive relation of special-shaped concrete-filled steel tubular columns during 2014.01-2015.10.