Welcome Dr.Ehsan Nikbakht from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Malaysia to be TPC!

Dr.Ehsan Nikbakht, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Malaysia

Dr.Ehsan Nikbakht is currently lecturer at the Civil engineering department, university Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) in Malaysia. He received his Master and PhD degrees in structural engineering at national university of Malaysia (UKM). His Master research was thin-walled steel structures and his PhD research was seismic design of precast post-tensioned bridge piers. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of structural and earthquake engineering.
The title of my publications in the last 3 years are as following:
Title of paper Journal Year
Investigation on seismic reparability and functionality of post-tensioned self-cenring segmental columns Structure and Infrastructure Engineering-Taylor & Francis 2016
Development of Constitutive Model for Precast Prestressed Concrete Segmental Columns Modelling and Simulation in Engineering 2016
Evaluating seismic demands for precast segmental columns with low energy dissipation capacity Earthquakes and Structures- Techno Press 2015
A numerical study on seismic response of self-centring precast segmental columns at different post-tensioning forces Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures 2015
Application of shape memory alloy bars in self-centring precast segmental columns as seismic resistance Structure and Infrastructure Engineering- Taylor &Francis 2015
Effectiveness of skewness on Dynamic Impact factor of Concrete Continuous Multicell Box-Girder Bridges under Truck Loads Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE). Springer 2015
Seismic performance of self-centring precast post-tensioned bridge columns with SMA bars International Journal of Advancements Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering (IJACSE) 2014
Nonlinear finite element analysis of PC segmental bridge columns subjected to quasi-static loading International Journal of Advancements Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering (IJACSE) 2014
Load- deformation of RWFC Composite Wall Panels using Finite Element- A Analytical method
CAASR-ICCSE: Civil and Structural Engineering 2016
Displacement-based Design for Precast Post-tensioned Segmental Columns with Different Aspect Ratios
ICCOEE : Civil Offshore and Environmental Engineering